Friday, 8 October 2010

Pillars of Islam

It is a must... We love ALLAH!

Assalamualaikum.... how are you everyone? It’s been a long time I din’t update my blog... don’t have much time and Sincerely, I do not know how to right, what to write >.<>.<)

I hope that everyone is happy with your life... for my friends who’s been in the same boat with me, holiday for 3 months aaa?? Use it wisely... I also try to la.. Also to brother and sister who is having exams wish u all good luck! But remember, this exam are nothing compared to ALLAH’s one.. remember! After the Ramadhan, and Syawal almost a months already, we should have become a better person than before.. I am still trying.. I’m still a weak Muslim... urghhh!! need to wake up!!... need that~ just try my best... Allah would ask, how much we put effort doing Ibadah... how we spend our life time? Expecially teen like me...(Still teen I think hehe).. Allah will be questioning us what have we done with our young life... the time where our energy is maximized.

This few weeks, lots of things are burdening... what I want to say!

I love my family.. sooooooooo much! this small portion of loves, given by ALLAH, is a great gift.I would try to use it wisely..... ayah.. mak, my siblings (angah din ani padey mucidi k.yah k.mi kakak k.faseh umar)! I love all of u sangat! sangat! much! my makcik, pakcik, cousins and all... kak long loves all of you! no change!!! I hate when persengketaan happens! hate! but ALLAh with me~ Thank you ALLAH for giving me patience... sabar.. sabar.. sabar...

Last time, I went to Blue Mosque shah alam... or masjid shah alam.. easy to remember meh.. I've been given books... thanks for inviting me there.. and surprisingly, it’s in English.. I love that much!! Simply love, now, can I just simply take few things from books and share it here?? May I.... I think that will be okay.. just for simple sharing..... (I hope the write won’t angry rite? Hope!).. this is a reminder for me expecially and for all to be shared! May ALLAH protect me and us from arrogant, jelousy and other bad behaviour... (me expecially... ppl who talk but din do much will get more punishment from ALLAH... soooo afraid!!)

Islam is religion of both ‘faith’ and ‘action’

Pillars of Islam ; as obligatory acts of worship... these are basic to the Islamic teachings and the way of life.....

1. 1. The profession of faith

Simple confession “ there is none worthy of worship except God, and Muhammad is Messenger of God”

1. 2.Prayers (Salat)

Solat engaged body, mind and soul.... and preferred in congregation whenever possible! Solat ~~ direct link to ALLAH.

1. 3.Charity (zakat)

Word zakat means purifying and growth...implies; one’s wealth is not sufficiently pure for one’s own use until it has been shared with those less fortunate. It is annual charitable payment to a minimum of 2.5 %of one’s net yearly savings.

1. 4.Fasting

The most wonderful months ALLAH gives to us.. The month of unity! This month will build willpower and God-conciusness. Allah also gives gift for ppl who wants to seek for malam Lailatul Qadar!!

1. 5.Pilgrimage

The time for unity!! A journey to Makkah, at least one time in a lifetime...Lot more stories to be discovered! Who ever chosen to be here must say Alhamdulillah.. can see Kaa’bah from near.. this is where all the Muslims really wanted to go.... Including me.. really hope to be there.. The place where the hearts melts for Islam...

[nak g cni.... mode; sangat ingin]

Sooooo..... I think... this is all for now.. at least for few months not updating this blog...

(eh kalau english salah.. bace je la.. nak tulis in BI la konon... okay what, I'm not good at english.. still can write what hehe)

Islam is the way of life!!